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Last update: June, 2011

YouTube blocked? 1 2 (August, 2009)


Jacob's Dream. (May, 2012)

Let's draw open the curtains. (December, 2011)

Practice medicine as a human being. Not a corporation. (July, 2011)

The case against collectivism, and for Mercy. (June, 2011)

Family planning for human beings (not cattle) PDF file. (June, 2011)

Is your favorite charity infiltrated? (March, 2011)

Who is Christ?. (January, 2011)

Dear world, find out what an American really is. (September, 2010)

Sophia. Online Wisdom. (June, 2010)

News at the core of life. (May, 2010)

The box we live in. (November, 2009)

Holy Land Christian Tour, About Jesus. (September, 2009)

YouTube blocked? Try these. And these.(August, 2009)

No one is listening? Feeling frustrated? Maybe that's OK. (July, 2009)

Discover the power of relics and sacramentals. (March, 2009)

There's life in the air. (February, 2009)

Christmas in Harmony. (November, 2008)

God's institutions are not just Roman. (November, 2008)

Internet Censorship is coming. (August, 2008)

A Melkite Archbishop's View of Christian Unity (August, 2008)

Opt out of the globalist's endless "war on terror". Here also.(June, 2008)

An environment for Christianity (March, 2008)

A Joppa Story (January, 2008)

Ignore common sense, the natural law, and Catholic just war principles, there's always the founding fathers. (January, 2008)

It took a non-Catholic

An apostle for apostolic unity.

If nobody wants to say it, I will (Spring, 2007).

Lebanon's "Clash of Civilizations". A Message for Our Time? (Spring 2006)

It dosen't happen without prayer

A Date with Charity (Fall, 2005)

The Real Presence of our Lord in the Psalms (Spring, 2005)

Byzantine Divine Liturgy video segments. DVD available on EWTN. YouTube

Pictures from the Holy Land (2004)

Authentic Catholic reference

Featured Video

Christ Jesus is... (January, 2011)

Pray in union with God's Memory (August, 2008)

Divine Mercy in Harmony (August, 2008)

An Arabic Prayer for Intercession from the Mother of God (August, 2008)

The Unspoken Wisdom in the Divine Liturgy (May, 2008)

Divine Mercy in Arabic (March, 2008)

Dates with Charity on Video (March, 2008)

An Arabic Christmas Carol (Christmas, 2007)

An Arabic Prayer from the Wilderness (November, 2008)

If our faith bears fruit, then how much faith did she have?

Easter Sunday Byzantine Divine Liturgy video segments (Quicktime required)

Clips of Byzantine chant sung in arabic and greek along with iconography and scenes of the Holy Land. The music is from a recording of Catholic and Orthodox cantors. (Copyright Byzantine Liturgy comes from the traditions of the Saints Chrysostom and Basil (4th Century) and is used by both the Orthodox and some Eastern Catholic churches.

First Antiphon Modem (287 KB) DSL (645 KB) Cable (4.1 MB)

Hipakoi Modem (536 KB) DSL (1.2 MB) Cable (8.9 MB)

Baptismal Hymn Modem (474 KB) DSL (775 KB) Cable (3.9 MB)

Epistle: Acts 1-8 Modem (1.6 MB) DSL (3.5 MB) Cable (21.4 MB)

Ekteny Modem (338 KB) DSL (669 KB) Cable (4.5 MB)

Kinonikon Modem (705 KB) DSL (1.3 MB) Cable (7.5 MB)

This work is in response to one of John Paul II's intentions.

My hope is the Father; My refuge, the Son; My protection, the Holy Spirit.
Holy Trinity, glory to you.


Recent pictures from the Holy Land (2004):

Mount Nebo
Mount Carmel
Ein Kerem (Visitation)
Shepherd's Field
Low Plains
Mount of Beatitudes
Mount Tabor, Mountain of the Transfiguration
Pater Noster
Church of Lazarus
Entry into Jerusalem
Upper Room
St. Peter in Gallicantu (Denial)
Via Dolorosa
Dormition and Assumption of Mary
Holy Saviour and other sites in Jerusalem

Images may be dowloaded freely; higher resolution images available free of charge. All Bible references are from Douay-Rheims Bible

Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land